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US-2016042517-A1: Detection and tracking of item features patent, US-2016262010-A1: Geo-fencing based functions patent, US-2016268921-A1: Capacitor arrangement and method for operating a capacitor arrangement patent, US-2016340013-A1: Ship steering system for outdrive device patent, US-2017011282-A1: Light-source-driving control device, image forming apparatus, and light-source driving method patent, US-2017045778-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2015258968-A1: Vehicle wiper device patent, US-2016006918-A1: Event correlation using data having different time resolutions patent, US-2016015206-A1: Device for frothing a liquid patent, US-2016024668-A1: Methods for the electrolytic decarboxylation of sugars patent, US-2016126990-A1: Diversity receive modules using one or more shared tunable notch filters for transmit blocker rejection patent, US-2017111584-A1: Stabilizing Video patent, US-2017126945-A1: Imaging device patent, US-2017236685-A1: Microreactor for use in microscopy patent, US-2015190026-A1: Self-righting cleaning appliance patent, US-2015289125-A1: Discovery of Proximity Services in Cellular System patent, US-2015318609-A1: Antenna device patent, US-2015348423-A1: System and method for economizing flight expenditures during aircraft descent and approach patent, US-2015367372-A1: Device for separating overspray patent, US-2015380203-A1: Electrode for use in ion implantation apparatus and ion implantation apparatus patent, US-2016049341-A1: Integrated circuit chip with corrected temperature drift patent, US-2017030220-A1: Gas turbine engine frame assembly patent, US-2015249971-A1: Method for information transmission, base station, and user equipment patent, US-2015266147-A1: System and Method for Assembly Manufacturing patent, US-2015338000-A1: Plug unit and connection system for connecting capillary tubes patent, US-2015156995-A9: Aquarium lighting system patent, US-2016063342-A1: Electronic apparatus and method patent, US-2016107910-A1: Septic tank for generating methane gas patent, US-2015180943-A1: Displaying an application in a window in a graphical user interface environment on a computer system patent, US-2017092304-A1: Magnetic head, disk drive with the same and method of manufacturing magnetic head patent, US-2015345009-A1: Substrate with transparent electrode and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2015291072-A1: Vehicle seat patent, US-2015127184-A1: Water Heater Demand Side Management System patent, US-2015331731-A1: Tracking and factoring application near misses/timeouts into path selection and multipathing status patent, US-2016010399-A1: System and method for coupling a wellbore survey tool to a retrievable sensor module patent, US-2016072714-A1: Method and system for forwarding information in distributed network patent, US-2017124680-A1: Stabilizing image sequences based on camera rotation and focal length parameters patent, US-2015209529-A1: Medication Delivery Apparatus and Accompanying System for the Application of Local Anesthetics to a Treatment Site and Method for Use of Same patent, US-2015365380-A1: System and method for interlocking a host and a gateway patent, US-2015340785-A1: Electronic substrate and structure for connector connection thereof patent, US-2016134419-A1: Technologies for trusted device on-boarding patent, US-2016020057-A1: Cold cathode switching device and converter patent, US-2016301784-A1: Apparatus having interface patent, US-2015370340-A1: New computer keyboard layout, structure and arrangement patent, US-2016236559-A1: Rear vehicle-body structure of vehicle patent, CA-2389229-A1: Compounds having mif antagonist activity patent, US-2017033962-A1: Apparatus and method for sending and receiving broadcast signals patent, US-2015243155-A1: Status monitoring, storage and reporting for optical transceivers by tracking operating parameter variations patent, US-2015326617-A1: Privacy Control Processes for Mobile Devices, Wearable Devices, other Networked Devices, and the Internet of Things patent, US-3301717-A: Process for producing beryllium copper base alloys and products patent, US-3690171-A: Fluid flow measurement patent, US-3652145-A: Electrically controllable volume holographic apparatus and method for operating said apparatus patent, US-3787325-A: Alkylamino spiro {8 12-h{8 1{9 benzopyran {8 3,2f{9 {14 quinoline-12,1{40 phthalide patent, US-2016245004-A1: Hidden hinge door system and method for use in residential and commercial buildings patent, US-2016257088-A1: Can Crushing Apparatus patent, US-2016270936-A1: Abdominal aortic aneurysms: systems and methods of use patent, US-2017014610-A1: Iontophoretic apparatus and method for marking of the skin patent, US-2017059821-A1: Optical image capturing system patent, US-2017071486-A1: Method for pressure guidewire equalization patent, US-2017072566-A1: Measurement system used for calibrating mechanical parameters of robot patent, US-2017079400-A1: Hairstyling Apparatus Using Steam with Steam-Confining Means patent, US-2017097758-A1: Systems and methods for device tuning patent, US-2017115186-A1: Combination tire temperature, pressure and depth measuring device patent, US-2017122421-A1: Modular hybrid elextric vehicle rotor hub patent, US-2017125851-A1: Pouch type rechargeable battery patent, US-2017139577-A1: User interface development in a transcompiling environment patent, US-2017194324-A1: Semiconductor Device Having Asymmetric FIN-Shaped Pattern patent, US-2017195222-A1: Routing frames in shared medium networks patent, US-2017203373-A1: Self-Tightening Rotary Tool Holding System patent, US-2017245168-A1: Method and apparatus for handling user equipment measurements in case of absence of discovery signals in wireless communication system patent, US-2017248512-A1: Apparatus and method for label-free analysis of rare cells from bodily fluids patent, US-2017266394-A1: Microneedle device with mechanical guide patent, US-2017303993-A1: Treatment instrument and treatment system patent, US-2017305215-A1: Trailer Coupling Comprising a Sensor patent, US-2017315350-A1: Vehicle window plate patent, US-2017317787-A1: Maximum likelihood detector and wireless signal receiver with maximum likelihood detection function patent, US-2017333723-A1: Method and Device for Selective Hyperthermic Damage of Target Cells patent, US-2017340180-A1: Cleaner head for a vacuum cleaner patent, US-2017344212-A1: Display device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium with display control program recorded thereon patent, US-2017349350-A1: Packaging case patent, US-2017362672-A1: Multiple chamber material-stirring lance and method patent, US-2018015476-A1: Thermal cycler for biological material reaction, biological material analysis apparatus, system for controlling rate of temperature change in biological material reaction, method for controlling rate of temperature change in biological material reaction, biological material analysis method, and temperature control program for biological material reaction patent, US-2018020690-A1: Xanthan gum granulated material and composition for thickening use patent, US-2018028965-A1: System and method for separating carbon dioxide from natural gas patent, US-2018033311-A1: Method and apparatus for fleet management of equipment patent, US-3522759-A: Pump or motor device patent, US-3605556-A: Booster pump patent, US-2015150484-A1: Asthma monitoring device patent, US-2016024321-A1: Stable color-changing ink patent, US-2016200769-A1: Compound, Transitmycin, Effective Against Bacterial and Viral Pathogens patent, US-2016250184-A1: Glucagon receptor antagonist compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use patent, US-2015193192-A1: Method and system for playback of audio content using wireless mobile device patent, US-2015200290-A1: Planar mosfets and methods of fabrication, charge retention patent, US-2015250191-A1: Ready-to-eat farinaceous product and a method for the preparation thereof patent, US-2016152507-A1: Glass ribbon breaking devices and methods of producing glass sheets patent, US-2016202045-A1: Method of measuring the depth of penetration of a laser beam into a workpiece patent, US-2017110853-A1: Semiconductor light-emitting device with an axis of symmetry patent, US-2017118668-A1: Load Information Exchange for Interference Coordination patent, US-2017301200-A1: Sharing Video Footage from Audio/Video Recording and Communication Devices for Parcel Theft Deterrence patent, US-2015199567-A1: Document classification assisting apparatus, method and program patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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